A Busy Year For The Tora Bora Boys December 2004

This was a busy year for the Tora Bora Boys, Saga’s in-house Bluegrass Band! Just about one year ago we were playing at the Yokohama Music Fair in Japan and had no idea that a demanding touring schedule was ahead of us. The Anaheim NAMM Show was quickly followed by appearances at the Frankfurt Musikmesse and a gig at a local Frankfurt hangout called Blues and Beyond. (We were, quite definitely, the “Beyond” part!) We played again at California picnics, the Summer NAMM Show and finally at the International Bluegrass Music Association festivities in Louisville, Kentucky, where the Boys were featured on WDRB TV’s nightly news broadcast. Were we really newsworthy?

Of course we were! How many Music Distribution Companies are there who can put together a Bluegrass Band? … or ANY kind of band for that matter! Many of our competitors cut their teeth selling soap suds, used cars, and maybe even a little snake-oil on the side…but if you ask them to PICK that banjo, you’ll have to tell them that the round end goes in their lap! Our year-end party takes place soon and then it really gets wild as Bluegrass Bands morph into Celtic, Slavic, Latino, Pacific Island and Japanese Boogie-Woogie Groups! I wish that you could all join us for those festivities. Besides having a great time, you would have some insight as to why we do such a good job here at Saga… our Musician/Associates just wouldn’t have it any other way!

Richard Keldsen
San Francisco
December 2004