Know your competition March 2015

We will soon be on our way to the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany. The show traces its roots to the Middle Ages when various craft guilds convened to exhibit their wares. We have been a part of that continuing tradition for over 30 years. If you’re in the neighbourhood stop by and pick one with us. We are in Hall 3.1 Stand H-61.

Frankfurt in April is not exactly a holiday destination, but there are some reasons that might be a few reasons for you to consider adding this event to your annual schedule:

  1. Massive changes in the transfer of information have made the world a much smaller place. Business trends in Europe might just be relevant to your business!
  2. The recent increases in the relative value of the dollar have made European travel a bargain.
  3. One good idea on a trip like this can pay for your time and effort a hundred fold.

Your competitors are there… at least some of them. Representatives of the Big Box Retailers slink down the aisles and haunt the bar at the Hotel Frankfurter Hof. They aren’t there for the spring sunshine. They are there measuring the latest wind direction in our industry, trying to turn problems into opportunities. You might survive another by staying in Bruce Crossing instead of Frankfurt but then again…

The beer is not bad either!

Richard Keldsen

Enroute to Frankfurt
April 2015