Looking for Value and a Brighter Future with Saga March 2012

As the gloomy economy starts to look a bit brighter many music store owners realize that maybe our industry is a little different than some of the others. Of course hard times have an impact on everyone but people still keep on pickin’ even when things aren’t looking so good…in fact maybe they pick just a little more! Certainly those pickers are more selective in their buying choices which many of us welcome…because we strongly believe that they will certainly find our brands in those conditions!

During those dark days Cremona, Blueridge, Kentucky, Gold Star, Flinthill, Regal, Mahalo and Diamond Head all prospered. Every Saga brand represents value for the music store and for the ultimate buyer and user. To further support these brands, a completely new Saga website will roll out next month. The web has changed allowing better image resolution and access speed and so Saga will take maximum advantage of those opportunities. 2012 will be a big year in terms of new products. Check our website frequently for new product announcements and also look carefully at the Retail Music News.

Our International Distribution Network has been pushing Saga’s Product Development Team hard and new value-loaded products are coming in on a weekly basis. In a few minutes we will be on our way to the annual Frankfurt Music Fair, Musikmesse Frankfurt, which we have attended since the foundation of our Company in the mid-1970s. We will look forward to meeting our sales agents from more than fifty countries worldwide. If you’re going, stop by and pick one with the Tora Bora Boys!

Richard Keldsen
San Francisco
March 2012