On the Road to Anaheim NAMM January 2018

On the Pacific Road…

As I write this in early January we’re patching up the wagons and getting them packed up for the long trip down to Anaheim at the end of the month. We hope to see you there at the NAMM Show. Not only will temperatures be more pleasant than Boston or Epoufette but you will be able to touch, feel and pick the music industry’s latest offerings.

At the Saga stand you will have access to:

  1. The NEW Gold Star Bluegrass Album Banjo! J.D. wasn’t there in 1981 when we introduced his Gold Star Signature Model at the Anaheim NAMM and he won’t be there this year either. He just plain hates to fly! Good thing that Tony Rice did get him on a plane in 1980 to come out here and record the Bluegrass Album, eh? The Bluegrass Album Banjo WILL be there!
  2. Eight NEW Kentucky Deluxe F-Model Mandolins!! These mid-range mandolins feature all-solid graduated tops and backs of sustainably harvested spruce and maple from 1,800 meters high in the Swiss Alps. I visit the supplier every year and I must confess that it’s mainly to breathe the mountain air at 6,000 feet above sea level, eat chocolate torte, and enjoy the good company of the family-owned and -operated mill. You will love the mandolins as much as I love the torte!! Note: We are also bringing one or two of the new collectable Gold Top Kentucky Mandolins!
  3. NEW Model Ukes: 2017 was another record year for Ukes. Stop and see the latest models from Diamond Head. When Hawaii calls…you’ll have the answer!

We’re anxious to see you and talk to you about new projects that are cooking for 2018. If you just can’t tear yourself away from that fireplace up in Epoufette, give us a call. Our sales staff gets lonely late in the day and they really are anxious to talk about mandolins with you! 1-800-BUY-SAGA (1-800-289-7242).

If you’re counting the days to the Anaheim Show and ready to cram all of your belongings in the overhead compartment of UP North Airways at K.I. Sawyer International over near Marquette, we’re looking forward to seeing you soon, eh?

Richard Keldsen

San Francisco
January 2018