Opportunity in Disguise February 2003

These are tough times for the retailer. The economies and stock markets of most major world powers are in the tank; 200,000 troops are ready for an invasion of Iraq. Large Musical Instrument Cartels have already moved into most cities and are now targeting smaller towns. It’s enough to make a sane person pack up, move to Nome, and open up a Haagen-Dazs franchise!

But, most of us are not sane! We are in this business because we like it! We love the music, we fantasize about the instruments, we put up with other musicians and even seem to get a thrill out of the uncertainty of it all!

Our greatest growth periods have always taken place in times like these. Customers (and all of us are customers at some level, aren’t we?) look at things more closely and when they do, they find Saga. This is not a good period for those companies that ride on the coattails of others. If a retailer goes that direction, eventually he finds himself operating without margin. So if you need some fresh ideas take a look inside:

Saga Guitar Kits. Everything in a box to build a quality electric guitar without expensive tools or even specialized skills. “But what about all the questions that customers will come in and ask while they are building the kit??!” Hmmmm…! Think about that! You are lucky if it happens because they are in your store again and before they leave they will probably pick up a set of strings, a strap and a Superior Gig Bag!

Blueridge Guitars. If you’ve been wondering whatever happened to Greg Rich in his second life, stop by and visit us, or at least take a look at the Blueridge Guitars inside.

Are you tired of having vast quantities of marginal quality instruments rammed down your hatch to keep a franchise? Is the cartel down the street selling a guitar below your cost? Well, maybe you should give us a call right now – toll free!! 1-800-289-7242 (800- BUY-SAGA)

Of course there is more – Kentucky Mandolins, Cremona Violins, Regal Resophonic Guitars, Rover Banjos and Mandolins and all the parts and accessories to make you a powerhouse niche marketer. So, jump out of the trench and lead the charge before the guy down the street discovers that the niche is, in fact, mainstream!!

Richard Keldsen

San Francisco

February 2003