Golden Gate F-2703 Standard Single-Action 2-Way Truss Rod – Electric Bass – 24 inch


Ever since the adjustable truss rod was introduced to the guitar world, musicians and luthiers everywhere rejoiced! It was from that point on, that guitar necks became serviceable, increasing the playing life of any instrument, as well as improving intonation and setup. A Golden Gate Single-action 2-Way Truss Rod can be installed easily and will fit the profile of most necks – without the need to remove excess wood. Its simple, no nonsense, single-action design works extremely well at removing unwanted back bow and for setting proper relief. Easily adjusted with a 4mm hex-wrench, the entire rod is enclosed in shrink-wrap to minimize unwanted noise resulting from vibration, or the interference of glue with the proper function of the rod. Can be installed with the adjustment at either end of the neck.