Golden Gate P-130 Deluxe Pancake Planet-Style Banjo Tuners – Nickel – Set of 4


Designed with the professional player and luthier in mind, Golden Gate P-130 Deluxe 5-string Banjo Tuners represent the new Gold Standard for function, reliability and value. These top of the line tuners have a tension-adjustable pearloid button that is comfortable to hold, and a nickel-plated, Dual-Band brass gear case – machined to exacting specifications – and is factory sealed and lubricated to not only complete the vintage look, but to also house the traditional 4:1 ratio, Planetary “ring and pinion” gear system that is the secret to the smooth action, and a lifetime of reliable service. Whether required for vintage replacement, high-end repair, or for a brand new build, a set of Golden Gate Deluxe 5-string Banjo Tuners will make any Banjo and Picker perform at their best. Golden Gate Tuners – the new Gold Standard!

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