Cremona SC-150 Premier Student Cello Outfit – 3/4 Size


When the student is ready to step up to an intermediate-level cello–the Cremona SC-150 is the one to choose! With a solid, carved top of choice spruce and back, sides and neck of solid, carved maple, the SC-150 provides the tone and volume so vital for orchestra and solo work. The fingerboard is well-selected ebony, and all other trimmings are boxwood. The tailpiece of the full-size model is a VP-61C composite finetuner tailpiece, while 3/4-1/2 size instrument are fitted with a boxwood tailpiece that includes four VP-14C fine tuners. The complete cello outfit includes a serviceable brazilwood bow with genuine horsehair and a ultra-light and extremely durable TL-20 case. We think your budding cellist will be well pleased with the SC-150 cello outfit from Cremona!