Cremona SV-488 Premier Artist Violin Outfit – 3/4 Size


Cremona SV-488 violin outfit is designed for educators, school rental programs and the retail stores that supply them. The SV-488 is a hand-made artist violin with hand-carved and graduated top and back—all covered by a beautiful, transparent varnish that not only protects the wood but materially enhances the tonal qualities. Genuine ebony trimmings and Anton Breton strings are just two more reasons for the sales success and popularity of this superb outfit. The Golden Gate CP-3910 is a stylish oblong case of rugged ABS–both practical and long wearing and these cases can be stacked by the retailer to save valuable space in the store. The bow is our Anton Breton AB-116F—a hybrid of fiberglass and carbon fiber. It is not only a fine-playing, resilient stick but it is virtually unbreakable and thus perfect for school and rental use. All components were carefully chosen to appeal to educators and string program directors and we believe music stores everywhere will find this SV-488 violin outfit to be a perfect fit for all their needs!