Successful Back to School Sales are Approaching August 2011

Our two boys at home are starting to twitch with anticipation of getting back to school…well sort of!! They had a great summer sailing in the Bay and exploring the backwoods of our ancestral digs back in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. But school bells will be ringing soon and we’re expecting that the noise of those bells will be drowned out only by the “KA-CHING!!” of the cash register ringing in your store!

As government funding for school music programs across the country has dried up, the burden of choice and financing for orchestral string instruments has fallen squarely into the wallets of parents. Parents, like you and me, are value conscious and want to do the best for their family at a price that makes sense. The choice is Cremona!

This shift has been in progress for years and has really been driving the growth of our Cremona Violin Family of Orchestral Strings. With Cremona Violins, Viola and Cellos in your store, customers will recognize that you are serious about serving the educational needs of your area. But you “can’t sell watermelons from an empty basket!” Give us a call to find out how YOU can prosper in the lucrative Educational Market. Each year we upgrade and add sensible alternatives to our offering to keep you ahead of potential competitors every step of the way. Inspired by the skyrocketing popularity of out multicolored Mahalo Ukulele line-up, we have added a similar option to our Cremona Student Violin offering for this year’s School Season. Put on your sunglasses and check out Page 25 of this issue of the Retail Music News!

Richard Keldsen
San Francisco
August 2011