Summer NAMM 2013 August 2013

The recent NAMM Show in Nashville should really open up a few eyes. Saga was there and so were many of you. In fact so many of you were there that our results at the show were stronger than those at Anaheim earlier in the year!

The retail kaleidoscope also seems to sharpening its focus. The interesting concept of emphasizing market share over profitability seems to be losing its allure, and the myth that Big Box operations are really operating on paper thin margins is also evaporating. Through all of this the retail music stores are still “showing up” and in fact, showing up in style!

We appreciate the support that you continue to extend to the value represented by our premium brands… Blueridge™, Cremona™, Kentucky® and Gold Star®. Take a good look at this Retail Music News and find out how to beat the “Commodity Market” with brands that bring unique design, quality and value to customers that are setting out on their musical journey…Accent™ and Catala™ Guitars, Diamond Head® Ukuleles, and Rover® Banjos.

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Richard Keldsen

San Francisco
August 2013