Survive and Prosper by Finding Quality and Value with Saga March 2009

For nearly 20 years the music business was quite a place to be. Almost any hunk of wood with six strings was saleable. But those days are gone for a while — probably be for a long while! In case you have forgotten, or weren’t here yet, we’ve been in this situation before. The early 1970s were brutal and then came the 1980s when it was even worse. The reasons for the slump were different in those days but the results were the same for music retailers. In boom times anything would sell and it was possible to realize substantial profit margin based on brand recognition alone. When times get hard and belts tighten, things change a lot. Instruments must then be priced at VALUE not merely at a high brand premium! Blueridge Guitars, Regal Dobros, Gold Star Banjos, Kentucky Mandolins, and Cremona Violins all carry a high brand premium at a price that your customers can afford — they are brands priced at value. Our business started in the dark days of the 70s, grew during the dismal 80s, and we look forward to the future, confident that you and your customers will find the VALUE that they are looking for within the pages of our Retail Music News. If you intend to survive and prosper take a close look inside and give us a call — 1-800-289-7242.

Richard Keldsen
San Francisco
March 2009