The Youngest Viking June 2001

In the past years, June has been the month for re-tracing segments of Marco Polo’s 13th century route to Asia. The latest addition to the Keldsen Family is just over one year old, and still too young for the deserts and High Mountain passes of Central Asia. But he is after all, a Viking and so here we are on a Norwegian coastal ship, traveling from Bergen, Norway all the way to North Cape – the most northern point in Europe.

Along the way we will stop at 34 towns and villages, unloading mail, freight, and people. This is the “Hurtigrute” (swift route), which has tied the western coast of Norway together since 1893, weaving in and out of island passageways, at times nearly rubbing the sheer mountain cliffs that enclose the fjords. This morning we crossed the Arctic Circle and a that moment still had four days and nearly 600 miles remaining on our journey. Little Mats, our 14-month-old Viking has adapted well to the diet of smoked salmon, pickled herring and salted mackerel –but we are all looking for reindeer steak at the North Cape!

Our worldwide search for the finest musical products continues and don’t be surprised if Hardanger Fiddles are in here soon! Saga is ready for the School Season. Give us a call, toll free and you’ll be ready too!

Richard Keldsen
Bodo, Norway
June 2001