Youre Hireda Not February 2011

Communication has come a long way out here on the Pacific Road. At the very beginning of my international business career it was the click-clack of a telex machine spitting out a ticker tape for “instant messaging” with our suppliers around the world. Soon the fax machine took over and made the telex machine seem like an archaic fixture from a black and white movie set..

Now of course it’s the internet, allowing us to be on line, all the time and in touch, maybe too much. Sometimes the wonder of it all becomes well… the wonder of it all! By putting the internet and its messaging capability together with language translation programs, “communication” is taken to a whole new level!

I am over here in China conducting interviews for a managerial position in our office. I was just handed a resume from a prospective candidate. Read the resume along with me as I prepare myself for the interview:

The letter of seeking job

Honorific Mr. president:

Oneself have intention to president/general manager’s post that accept appointment your company.

1. My advantage is: Experience plentifulness work 30 in the last years, Once and successively in the joint venture( HK&China) business enterprise a general manager; Foreign country( the United States) business enterprise an item of Manager and legal adviser ; State-owned large business enterprise a plant manager, total and economic teacher; The national organization an investment manages the economic teacher in department chief, high class; Law firm a business enterprise legal adviser etc. job, all there is excellent accomplishment.

2. The knowledge is wide: Manage in the business enterprise, law, investment, finance, engineering technique etc. Has a speciality can much of extensive knowledge with practice, also a young beg the heart that know continuously, be good at the business enterprise plans to manage with the business enterprise.

3. Have the stronger synthesizing the organizational skill with the team spirit, can than handles goodly public relating to with the society, the idea runs before, the thought opens, quick-witted, healthy body, can be competent to take charge as chief of expand the sex work.

Please to the consideration

Accept appointment the person: Yiping Zhao

English name: Abel Zip Hoe

As you can imagine the interview itself was an anti-climax. Mr. Hoe spoke not a word of English despite the fact that he had earned an MBA at a very famous University in Los Angeles—he could not remember the exact name of the University. His face was quite innocent—almost blissful…but my translator had a hard time looking at him directly because she kept imagining that the letters S-E-X were tattooed on his forehead!

Mr Hoe was later informed that the position for which he was applying was no longer available!!


Richard Keldsen
From Shenzhen, China
February 2011