About Us

As Saga Musical Instrument has steadily grown to be one of the largest designers, importers and distributors of stringed and fretted instruments in the world, it’s important to recognize how this remarkable growth was achieved.  For over four decades, Saga has sought out individual craftsmen as well as established factories to provide the very best handcrafted instruments possible at the best price available on the world market.  In many ways, we have been the global pioneers in the successful marketing and distribution of high-quality student instruments.  Our representatives have travelled throughout the world, often to obscure, remote destinations in search of skilled, proven manufacturing sources to meet our quality requirements and supply demands.  As a consequence of identifying and contracting with these valuable manufacturing sources, we have been able to supply hundreds of thousands of musical instruments to players worldwide.  These instruments have been carefully constructed and painstakingly finished to Saga’s rigid specifications.

Many members of Saga’s international staff come from the ranks of various string ensembles and bands.  Their firsthand experience, years of traditional musical education and keen working knowledge of musical instruments serve to valuably contribute to the design, specifications, and construction of our lines. Their active, daily involvement insures that Saga’s manufacturing sources consistently produce the highest-quality stringed and fretted instrument made available to you.  IF you order bow hair, it will probably be from Chinese Turkestan in the remote Xinjiang Province of Far Western China or if you order a set of Aquila Strings, they will come from Italy.  Saga has carefully cultivated and nurtured, more high-quality global manufacturing sources than you can imagine.  So when you order instruments, parts, or accessories from Saga Musical Instruments, you know you’re going to the source – your source for the finest quality instruments from a host of established, proven worldwide manufacturing sources.  SAGA, the source.