ProTour BV-2510 Deluxe Dreadnought / 000 Guitar Gig Bag


Seasoned musicians and the world’s top pros will all agree that traveling with a musical instrument can be a real challenge and having an extra set of hands can make all the difference. That’s exactly where a well-made and stylishly designed gig bag can come to the rescue. A ProTour BV-2510 gig bag provides greater flexibility – but perhaps even more surprisingly – a level of features and protection even a hard-shell case will find hard to beat! With a ProTour Deluxe dreadnought & 000 Guitar Bag, traveling with your favorite guitar is easier than ever! Priced well below the cost of a hardshell case; while still providing a level of protection that also leaves extra cash in your pocket for all the other stuff needed along the way!

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