Trinity College AP-2230A English-Style Concertina – 30-button – Light Brown


Saga Musical Instruments is proud to offer a complete line of Trinity College Concertinas! These handcrafted instruments are authentic reproductions of the original instruments, introduced in the early 19th century in England and Germany. Trinity College offers both of the two major types-the Anglo and the English models. The Anglo model is a “bisonoric” design-much like today’s harmonica-where a different note is produced by the “push” and “pull” motion of the bellows. This type of mechanism lends itself perfectly for many styles of ethnic or “folk” dance music. The English style of concertina operates on a “unisonoric” system where each push and pull of the bellows gives the same note when any given key is held down. The English System alternates the notes of the scale between two hands, enabling the execution of rapid melodies. This fingering system style is quite versatile and can be used for many styles of folkdance music as well as Classical music in the hands of a virtuoso. The player holds each side of the instrument with the attached thumb strap-as opposed to the Anglo style instrument where the straps cover the entire hand.