Trinity College AP-3530A Anglo-Style Concertina 30-button – Satin Black


The new Trinity College Deluxe 30-Button Anglo Concertina is the perfect balance of traditional construction techniques, material selection and design; combined with modern technology to guarantee the highest standard of function, sound, and reliability.

Each instrument, including reed tongues, frames and fittings are made in our workshop and feature the traditional Wheatstone/Lachenal button layout – allowing for two different notes on either the push, or the pull stroke.

The AP-3530A also features beautifully ebonized frames and frame ends with intricately designed, “fretwork;” revealing the finely crafted mechanism inside. Easy to reach black plastic buttons with red felt surrounds provide smooth travel and feel, comfortable hand-rails provide stable grip and encourages the perfect hand position; while the adjustable black leather handle with brass fittings and adjustment thumb screw allow for the perfect fit. Premium leather is beautifully tanned in jet black and has 6-folds for maximum airflow, note clarity and player economy.