Golden Gate F-2705 Deluxe Dual-Action 2-Way Low-Profile Truss Rod – Acoustic Guitar – 14 inch


A Golden Gate Deluxe Dual Action Two-Way Adjustable Low-Profile Truss Rod is the perfect choice when designing any guitar with a thinner neck, or where space is a premium. Its dual action design, allows for even the most minute relief adjustments, as well as correcting unwanted back bow.

The compact size requires a smaller route than standard rods; leaving more wood on the neck where it is needed for optimal stability. The ingenious, “double threaded” steel rod provides smooth action and even tension along the rods entire length to eliminate any twist or “loading” of the rod.

Easily adjusted with a 4mm hex-wrench and tightly enclosed in shrink-wrap to minimize any noises related to vibration, or the interference of glue to the function of the rod during the build process.

Can be installed with the adjustment at either end of the neck.