Golden Gate F-2710 Carbon Fiber Neck Reinforcement Rod – Acoustic Guitar – 16 inch


Used for its remarkable strength to weight ratio – far greater than it’s equivalent size in other materials used for similar purpose – carbon fiber reinforcement rods have become a modern, and reliable option when it comes to designing instruments to be light in weight, and still properly balanced. Manufactured under extreme pressure and heat, carbon fibers and epoxy resin is formed into precisely shaped rods that are extremely strong for their size. Installation requires minimal routing of the neck so the structural integrity of the wood is maintained while adding rigidity to the design. Golden Gate Carbon Fiber Neck Reinforcement Rods can be used alone, or in combination with an adjustable truss rod to minimize neck twist and increase rigidity without adding any extra weight to the build. No adjustment is required once installed and each rod can be cut to the exact size required for any project.