Golden Gate P-131RB Deluxe Geared Antique Banjo Tuner – Rustic Brass with Black Button – Single 5th Peg


The Golden Gate P-131RB Deluxe 5th-string Banjo Peg makes tuning your instrument easier and more accurate than ever before. The housing is machined from solid brass and has a rustic brass finish for a vintage, aged appearance. Each tuner is factory sealed and lubricated to assure a lifetime of reliable smooth function; while the polished black button with leather spacer is not only comfortable to hold, is tension adjustable for exceptional note stability. It’s the perfect vintage replacement for that old friction peg, or for any new build project. They are the perfect compliment to a set of Gold Gate P-131RB Deluxe Planetary Banjo Tuners, too! Make your Banjo play and sound better with Golden Gate Deluxe Tuners – the new Gold Standard!