Trinity College TM-250 Standard Celtic Mandolin – Natural Top


The Trinity College Celtic Mandolin is the perfect choice for those who prefer the tone and playability of a flat top and back mandolin. This type of mandolin has traditionally been used for Celtic, Blues, Old-Timey, Brazilian music, and various other styles. The goal of the designers was to create the highest quality instrument of its type — an instrument suitable for any professional artist, but priced considerably lower than the prices that the current boutique makers ask for their instruments of similar quality. The finest solid tonewoods are selected for the TM-250. Choice spruce and select maple make up the body and the neck is solid mahogany, reinforced by an adjustable truss rod that keeps the neck in perfect alignment. A gleaming natural finish and a unique peghead design add to the physical beauty of the mandolin that sets the new standard for the flat-top instrument – the new TM-250 by Trinity College!