The Moores – six siblings – each passionate about the music they produce – each bringing unique skill sets and musical tastes – six individuals who are very different – but six individuals who come together to form one unit which speaks with one voice – to create a sound like none have heard before.

This sound is best understood as a unique interpretation of contemporary bluegrass – a sound which will be familiar in some ways, but completely fresh in many more. Fueled by an inexhaustible amount of live energy, grounded by an impenetrable rhythm section, complemented by tasteful banjo work, and capped off with dual fiddles which can express any known emotion, The Moores compose and perform a powerful form of acoustic music which understands itself – yet is aware of the many musical styles which it often draws upon.

Many listeners have commented that, at one time, they had no taste for bluegrass – that is, until they heard The Moores. From the most rural bluegrass festival, to eclectic music festivals, to the finest cultural arts center, The Moores have an audience appeal which defies boundaries of genre – all the while remaining true to an understanding of bluegrass which any fan of the music can relate to.

Attending a performance by The Moores will put you on the very edge of your seat, will cause you to pause and reflect upon your journey through life, and will always leave you wanting to hear more. Defined by unrivaled vocals, deep and thoughtful lyrics, precise harmonies, and a powerhouse of instrumentation which drives the entire performance, The Moores soon become a favorite act at every venue they visit. Their career in music has been characterized by their authentic interactions with audience members and by their personal genuineness, which remains constant both on and off stage.

Through it all, The Moores recognize that they are indebted to their fans for the kind and faithful support of their music which so many have shown. Most importantly, however, The Moores thank God for His innumerable blessings, His love, and the precious gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.