Multi-instrumentalist Billy Thibodeau has an extensive bluegrass music heritage. Raised engulfed by musicians including his brothers, father Sam Tidwell and uncle Bobby Tidwell; the family’s home was often visited by people like the Osborne Brothers, Joe Val, Fred Pike, Jimmy Gaudreau, Don Stover, Red Allen, and so many more talented and accomplished instrumentalist who came to share their music in the Tidwell home. Derived and driven from his youth Billy delivers an intense, powerful, and enthusiastic performance every time he takes the stage.

He remembers the excitement he felt from his first stage performance at the age of 8 alongside his dad and brother. Billy grew to be a fine musician during his teens and after a four-year stint in the US Air Force, he returned to New England to play with many bands including Bluegrass Supply Company, Kennebec Valley Boys, Stan Tyminski & Blue Diamond.

In addition to performing Billy pursues other musical interests including writing, studio musician and engineer, instrument luthier repairs, and today he teaches various stringed instruments and co-manages Rick’s Musical Instruments in Cumberland, RI. In 2013 he co-founded Rhode Island Bluegrass Alliance and in 2017, participated in International Bluegrass Music Association’s Leadership Program.

In 2018 Billy joined the Rock Hearts which amplified his expertise and allowed creativity and his meticulous ear the freedom to thrive. The band of unrelated brothers knew almost immediately that magic lived in the harmonious bond and a new version of the Rock Hearts was formed.

Since then, Billy’s unique style connects many years of skill building techniques with influence of his heroes and the freedom to discover and explore musicality. It captivates crowds; and at times, he can bring silence and tears to those who truly “hear” the beauty in his stringed instruments and soulful music.