Hard Times Come Again No More January 2009

It’s a song, a sigh of the weary Hard times, hard times come again no [...]

Not Just Another Trade Show in Shanghai October 2008

We have just returned from the annual Shanghai Music Fair. Each of the trade shows [...]

The Changing World August 2008

“When my cousin buys land it gives me a stomach ache!” An old Korean adage [...]

On the Crooked Road to Bristol June 2008

“In the deep rolling hills of old Virginia There’s a place that I love so [...]

Reflecting Back on the Memories of the Frankfurt Musikmesse

The Frankfurt Music Fair originated as a place for the musical instrument craft guilds to [...]

Life as a Mailman to the Gypsies of Konstanz

For the past few years Saga Musical Instruments and Shubb Capos have co-sponsored at little [...]

Keldsen Summer Vacation to the Big Island – Part II October 2007

The Keldsens in the Sweet, Sunny South…South Greenland, the Qooroq Ice Fjord. For most travelers [...]

Keldsen Summer Vacation to the Big Island – Part I July 2007

But can’t you hear the Wild? — it’s calling you. Let us probe the silent [...]

Changing Music Market Actually Means Good Things for the Tenacious Retailer June 2007

It wasn’t long ago that sages were predicting the demise of the traditional retail music [...]

Saga Finds Unusual Source for Violin Bow HairShhhhhhhhhh February 2007

In the mid 1980s the price of violin bow hair was skyrocketing upwards. The supply [...]