Bon Appetite March 2005

A continuing source of pleasure and sometimes-utter astonishment comes when we sit down to dining [...]

A Busy Year For The Tora Bora Boys December 2004

This was a busy year for the Tora Bora Boys, Saga’s in-house Bluegrass Band! Just [...]

Flokia Raven Floki September 2004

Here is Raven Mats Keldsen at Haukadal in the West Fjords of Iceland, the home [...]

Charting a Course for Success June 2004

Doing what you want to do. That’s success. I feel sorry for people who run [...]

Keep Your Eye on the Moguls March 2004

The waters on the both sides of the Pacific Road are filled with sharks, flim-flam [...]

Off to the Massage Parlor January 2004

Off to the Massage Parlor…! After a hard day at the factory in Jiaozhou and [...]

It’s for the Love of Music December 2003

It is the love of music that got most of us here. Those who lack [...]

The Blueridge Gospel Guitar September 2003

As we approach the Holiday Season we should take a moment to remember how fortunate [...]

Opportunity in Disguise February 2003

These are tough times for the retailer. The economies and stock markets of most major [...]

Where’s the Beef November 2002

I used to be a white-knuckled flyer, but I am not anymore. Hundreds of flights [...]