A Word to the Wise August 2002

I recently referred in this space to a sign that had been spotted in northern [...]

Friends in High Places April 2002

The Hindu Kush and Karakoram mountain ranges converge in a region that also forms the [...]

Let Saga Be Your Guide March 2002

Do you travel in order to do business, or do you do business in order [...]

Lost in the Translation December 2001

Shun—shun the Bowl! That fatal, facile drink Has ruined many geese who dipped their quills [...]

The Saga Saga September 2001

A question that comes up quite frequently is, where does the name “Saga” come from [...]

The Youngest Viking June 2001

In the past years, June has been the month for re-tracing segments of Marco Polo’s [...]

Drivers Education 101 March 2001

Asian economies continue to develop at a frantic pace and so has traffic congestion. Driving [...]

East Meets West December 2000

For centuries the countries of Asia have been struggling to come to terms with the [...]

Humble Beginnings November 2000

Hotels in the developing countries of Asia can be an almost endless source of amusement [...]

Blackouts Abound November 2000

For the second time in five months, I’m back in the Philippines. Twenty years ago, [...]