Kentucky KM-606 Standard F-model Mandolin – Satin Brown


Stripped down to the essentials, the Kentucky KM-606 Standard F-model Mandolin is all about simplicity without sacrificing anything when it comes to tone, or playability. Right out of the case, this professionally featured mandolin has the look, feel and sound of an instrument that’s been played for years… but is purposely priced to meet any budget! The satin brown finish provides a visual appeal that blends perfectly with a mellow, yet aggressive tone when pushed—just like the finest F-model mandolins ever made!

From the very first chord, the comfortable feel of the neck with gently radiused fingerboard, and the soothing sounds provided by a body constructed of select tonewoods will easily inspire any musician to play their best. When it comes to F-model mandolins, there’s no better way to start… or finish any day than with a Kentucky KM-606… the voice of the next generation!

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