Blueridge BR-160A Historic Craftsman Series Dreadnought Guitar


Although Blueridge guitars have been around for more than thirty years, it wasn’t until about 20 year ago that Saga became the first instrument manufacturer to offer an all-solid wood dreadnought guitar made from the legendary combination of Adirondack spruce and Santos rosewood as a standard production model. Even more, it was introduced at a price that any musician could afford. Sought after vintage guitars with similar specifications, are often referred to as the bone because of the distinctive Herringbone marquetry that surrounds the top edge and is a characteristic feature of this guitar. Just by looking at the BR-160A, the discerning player will know that this guitar has the deep, rich and articulate tone that has been a signature sound heard in traditional and popular music for more than 70 years. So, take one for a test drive and find out why the BR-160A is one great guitar and really packs that prewar punch!

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